111 days of flexibility

I have always been quite stiff, not being able to reach my toes without bending the knees and even when I was a child I couldn’t sit comfortable on the ground. It has never been a big problem, and I have never really tried to change it. Some periods since I started running in the national team, I have been doing some flexibility training or occasional yoga sessions, but never finding enough motivation to make it a habit. I have a lot of tight muscles that probably would serve me better as a runner if they weren’t that tight. Allow me to run more and longer without getting tired, sore or injured. But also to be able to get the most out of my training and power in the muscles each step. I usually have the biggest problem with my stiff body when resting, but it’s no problem as long as I’m doing some training and not rest for too many days in a row. But when I do, I get incredible tight, especially in my Iliopsoas. It hurts all the time, I cant reach my feet and it’s aching all the time, especially when running. One of these occasions when I was still for too long was in august, right after WOC and BAMM. Thought it would be a good idea to rest and let the body recover. But it’s not a good option to really just rest for me; I should have done some stretching or other activity that kept me flexible. Realizing that too late, I had problems for more than a week but I also decided to really try to take some actions. Trying to make those muscles a bit more flexible once and for all. So I started to create a habit, 111 days ago, the 22nd of august I did some flexibility training. Just a short session, focusing on my problem areas, 10-15min. I did that program for the first two months, with some variations but more or less the same, plus some occasional yoga sessions at the gym. I felt more flexible and started to enjoy those moments of flexibility training. Almost a month ago during the national team camp in Gothenburg, I talked a lot with our physio, and she recommended me to try something new, learn something and get new ideas of exercises. So the last weeks I have been doing yoga each day, following the program “30 days of Yoga” on YouTube. In the beginning I didn’t appreciated it at all. Looked at the time every now and then to see when it finally would be over. A lot of these “resting positions” are actually not resting at all for a beginner.. 😉 But now a days I like it, even if it takes some effort to really take the time and do it EVERY day, I never ever would regret it when I finally started. And I think I sometime in the future will be able to sit comfortable on the ground, challenging myself every day to get a little bit more flexible! 😉 My aim is to continue doing some kind of flexibility training every day, and then I’ll just wait and see what it brings. No matter if it’s faster running, healthier body with less injuries or just the nice feeling of a new experience and to have conquered a challenge.


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