This autumns first Swedish Championship took place outside Norrtälje the last weekend. Longdistance with qualification on saturday and final on sunday. Two tough races even though the terrain was quite easy physically and the qualification was much shorter than the final. I’m really satisfied with the result, sixth position just a little bit than two minutes behind the medals but an ocean of time up to amazing Tove who won. Inspiring to see how well and fast she’s running. My races was also quite good, felt stronger than I thought in the final since I felt a bit tired in the qualification. No big mistakes but challenging orienteering and tired legs after quite tough running in a big march in the beginning of the race. I managed to speed up in the end and advancing quite much in the result list on the later part of the course. I felt strong! Nice to get a good result and a feeling that the good shape that I really would like to have the upcoming two weekends as well (more Swedish champs and also the last two world cup events for 2014) is on is way. And as always, so much fun staying with the club at all the out-of-the-way-places that you’ll get to see while both competing but also at all weird places we’ve stayed during these weekends. This weekend wasn’t an exception since me and Andrea got to stay in the small place kalled “the root cellar”. No worries, it was perfect even if it doesn’t sound so fancy.. 😉 I love it!

The four top10 runners from Tisaren. Andrea 1st! Oskar 7th, Jonatan 10th and me 6th. 

Long time since last time I wrote something, and I’ve started my studies again. Second year of master studies at Chalmers and I really enjoy it. It’s not always so convenient to be off to camps and competitions but it always works out somehow. I just need some good planning I guess. I have also been on training camps with the national team, first one week in Strömstad and a few days later we went to Scotland for a week and enjoyed the Scottish terrain, getting tired legs from all the bushes and heavy terrain. But it’s so beautiful.

Beautiful views of Scotland

Perth, Scotland


IMG_2752.JPGGardens of Scone Palace

Mountain-running in Scotland





IMG_2755.JPGWonderful autumn/late summer in Gothenburg

IMG_2711.JPGRan “Torslanda Trail Race” and won! 21,5km in terrain, lots of fun and so tough!

IMG_2675.JPGBeautiful day out running on “Bergslagsleden”

Beautiful day out running on “Bergslagsleden”

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