Preparations for WUOC 2014

After some trouble arriving here(with late flight and missing connecting flight in Frankfurt), I finally arrived in Olomouc, Czech Republic, saturday morning. On tuesday, the first competition at this years World University Championship will take place. I’m not running until wednesday though, since I won’t run the sprint relay this time and neither the individual sprint. But on wednesday it’s time for the long-distance, friday is middle-distance and the last race, which is the relay, is on saturday. So far, I’ve been out on both middle/relay and long relevant maps. The long-distance will probably be a really demanding experience since it’s really steep hills with deep valleys in-between. I hope for some challenging route choices along the course on wednesday. The middle and relay will then be held in the same area, really flat terrain with quite a lot green areas what it seems. We were out on one of the training areas relevant for this terrain yesterday, and I hope that it can’t be worse than that, because it was a lot of green areas and thorn bushes. But anyhow it will be demanding orienteering in this type of terrain as well, with very few details to navigate from.

Yesterday, the competition started of with a little teaser, a prolog in sprint relay. I really wanted to get a fast race and see how I had recovered from the last week of sickness. (Sore throat and some problems with my ears). I was glad to be able to run full speed, not thinking a second about my health, just feeling a bit stiff in my legs but otherwise it was a good race to get into speed again. Not all the teams was represented on this prolog and not all the participating teams ran full speed, but anyhow, the two swedish teams were first and third in this relay which was quite fun. We thought it would be more of a training but it was way more serious than we’ve thought, speaker, arena, price giving ceremony etc. At least we got a really once feeling and a good spirit in the team. Looking forward to the upcoming week with all these guys and the rest of the swedish team!

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